Funeral Bagpiper

Pipers have been used at military and state funerals for centuries, but now Piping is becoming more of a common feature at everyday funerals.

The Bagpipes add a special touch to any funeral providing sweet haunting melodies. The sound of the bagpipe is the perfect send off for your loved ones, it is becoming more common to have a funeral bagpiper play at your memorial.

They can be used at any type of funeral, whether it is a cremation or burial. We can also offer a Piper to play the Scottish Small Pipes, which have a more mellow sound for use during the service.


You can have Steven play laments outside the crematorium as mourners are arriving and laying wreaths, the music will help them drift off in to a world of remembrance. He can also be used during the service when the coffin is being lowered and the curtain is being drawn. He can also lead the hearse from the entrance of the crematorium to the door.


Again the Pipes can be used inside or outside the church during the ceremony, Steven can play to lead the coffin from the service to the hearse to take the departed on their final journey. He can paige the hearse into the cemetery. At the graveside, he can play as the coffin is being lowered into the ground, and continue to play as the mourners pay their last respects and take a moment for reflection. At this point he will march slowly away until the music fades into the distance.

Steven has vast experience at playing for funerals as supplier to some of Scotland’s leading funeral homes.

He treats each funeral with the utmost respect and professionalism to ensure that your loved one gets the perfect send off.

The music for every funeral should be as unique and individual as the person that has died, he therefore has a wide selection of tunes from which the family can choose, he encourages all requests no matter how conventional or otherwise.

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